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Georjie’s Dog Events!

Please use the tabs at the top of the website, to view Premium Lists, Enter Shows, etc.  $4.00 per dog per event to use this service.

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Border Collie dog jumping from the huddle

Exhibitor & Breeder

Since I've been a breeder, exhibitor, conformation, and field trial judge since the 1980s, I feel comfortable providing dog show secretary services. I have been a dog show secretary for the past 10 plus years, and enjoy having a website for exhibitors to do entries online using my website.


My Assistants

My assistants are Standard Smooth Dachshunds Ripley and Sparky. To enter events, go to the “Enter Shows” tab at the top to see what shows are available. The judging programs and show results are also available to view on the site.  Check out the premium lists of the upcoming shows now.

If your club would like to use my services, I can provide onsite services, or a show in a box.  I charge a per dog fee, plus expenses.  Please contact me today, your club will be glad you did!  

Sparky & Ripley